About Global Vet Care
We Take Better Care of Your Pet's Needs - We as people and our pets as our best friends need the same care as we do for ourselves. Talk about your skin or hair, your pet also has them, and you need to take care of them the way you care for your own skin and hair. Deriving from this very feeling of caring, Global Vet Care (India). was formed; here we combine caring and grooming of your dear pet.
Global Vet Care (India)., caters to health, hygiene and beauty needs of your pet through its world class products especially formulated and manufactured considering your pet's requirement. Name it and we would be sure to have a product for your pet. While we have a product for its silk and shiny fur, we also have products to deodorize your pet, giving it a fresh feel for a much longer time.
Speaking about our product range, we would say that it is exhaustive and includes everything you can think of, to give your pet a well balanced life. Starting from shampoos, conditioner to serum and herbal ointment we have them all. Best part about our products is that they are up to the mark to match your pet's special needs, like we have "herbal pet" shampoo for pets with irritating and itchy hair coat.
Though the pet industry in India is not all that big, it is booming rapidly, more and more people own pets, love them dearly and want to care for them. Strengthen the special bond between you and your pet with Global Vet Care (India).
Global Vet Care India, caters to health and hygiene needs for you and your pet through its world class products especially manufactured considering your and your pet's requirement.